What's happening with Destino?

Dear Destino Friends —

Thank you so much for all your love and patience during our recent extended siesta. We’ve heard your comments, your favorites and your suggestions  - we've felt grateful for your support and loyalty.  We are sorry we’ve kept you waiting as Summer starts to heat up.  We want an icy margarita on the deck as badly as you do!  

Here's  what we are up to and our plans for re-opening.

We want to reopen Destino with much of what you love about our restaurant, keeping the prices moderate, the quality exceptional, the atmosphere casual and festive. We decided to go back to basics, focusing on a menu based around tacos, burritos and margaritas - and fast friendly counter instead of wait service.

So what’s taking so long? We want to do everything in a way that feels right to us.  Take, for example, the tortillas.  To get the tortillas right, we shipped up a volcanic stone mill from Mexico and are experimenting with getting our “Masa” (dough) made from locally grown corn,  perfect for hand made tortillas.  The flavor is exceptional and we think you’ll  appreciate the difference.  

tortillas 2.png


made with locally grown and house milled corn

Our recipes will use locally raised pork, beef and chickens - meats that are best slow cooked, braised and roasted in traditional styles.  We’re installing a spit grill for Tacos al Pastor -thin slices of pork, spit roasted with chiles and spices, dripping with seared pineapple.  And we are keeping the fish tacos just the way you like them!

So what does this mean for our time frame?  Well,  along with some changes, updates and renovations to the interior, these things are taking a bit longer that we had hoped.  Initially we planned for a mid May open date, that got pushed back, and we are now hoping for some time later this Summer.  We  want to make sure that Destino will be a place that you’ll continue to love and visit often—and we don’t want to jeopardize your good will by rushing it. 

Meanwhile, the Destino Cart is up and running!  For hand-made tortillas filled with local, pasture raised meats and farmer grown veggies and  refreshing “aguas frescas” (cold homemade Mexican fruit drinks) join us for lunch at The Empire State Plaza Farmer’s Market (Wednesday and Friday) Hudson and Great Barrington Markets (Saturdays), and The Rhinebeck Farmers Market on Sundays.

…And when Destino's restaurant re-opens, our margaritas will continue to be strong, icy cold, and just as delicious as they've always been.

If you would like to be part of our team when we re-open please send us an email to destinorestaurant@gmail.com.


Thank you for your love, support and ongoing patronage,


The Cohen Family 

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