Have you heard the rumors...

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Have you heard the rumor

that Destino is closed…?

Michael Rokofsky, responding to a speculative post on the Chatham community board earlier today, said it best: “I think we all need to remain calm. The worst thing to do in a time like this is to panic.” 

Please allow us this opportunity to stay calm and address the rumors:

Destino is not  “closed for good”, 

But, as with all rumors, there’s a seed of truth.  We are, in fact “closed for now” - Extending our annual winter break until warmer months.   Destino has been open for ten years, with great staff, amazing customers, delicious food and some good, strong (in every sense) margaritas.  We are very proud of what we've accomplished.   We’ve been indebted to the hard work of all our employees, and have enjoyed the good will and patronage of the whole community - we are extremely thankful to everyone for their support.  

After ten years, every restaurant needs a wake up call to re-examine its mission and facility -  to stay current, stay competitive, profitable, fresh and exciting.  

We are currently taking the Winter months to do just that.  We hope to create a fun, fresh, exciting new vibe, while keeping the fundamentals of what you love about Destino intact. We are open to suggestions and hearing your input - so feel free to comment, send us an email, and stay in touch!  

If you have Destino gift certificates, we will honor those when we re-open and are also happy to accept Destino gift certificates as payment at Our Daily Bread Deli, on 116 Hudson Ave. and The Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe, at 54 Main Street, which have both re-opened this week.

Thank you for being patient while we figure out our next chapter, and stay tuned...



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