Tequila Week Final Lesson: End the Night with Añejo

Añejo tequila, with its rich caramel color, has been aged in oak barrels for at least one year.  It's smooth, intense and complex flavor is perfect for sipping at the end of the night as you linger over dessert.  For an extra smooth sip, try Corazon Añejo or classic Patron Añejo Tequila.

Smooth caramel pure agave añejo tequila paired with Tres Leches sponge cake with fresh made whipped cream, or cinnamon and chile Mexican Brownies with ice cream and caramel: that sounds like a good way to end your Saturday meal!

Tequila week continues through Monday night.  There's still time to come in and try our tequila week flights.  Remember to take the tequila quiz to exhibit all that you have learned this week, for bragging rights, and a chance to win Destino prizes.


Have you been paying attention this week?  Take the quiz and find out!

Tequila Afficionado Quiz

1.     What is high quality tequila made from:

a. 100% Blue Weber Agave 

b. “Mixto” of Agave and other alcohols 

Answer: a


2.     Which tequila is clear in color and gives the drinker a chance to taste the origin and style of the producer?

Choose one:  Blanco  Reposado  Anejo

Answer: Blanco


3.     Which style of tequila is rested in oak barrels for less than a year and is a mellow, honey colored, relaxing drink?

Choose one:  Blanco  Reposado  Anejo

Answer: Reposado


4.     Which tequila style is aged in oak for more than 1 year, is a rich caramel color and is an excellent smooth but complex  slow sipping choice?

Choose one:  Blanco  Reposado Anejo

Answer: Anejo


Photo: Deirdre Malfatto https://about.me/superdewa