Tequila Week: Lesson 1: Drink Pure Agave Tequila


What is good tequila?

High quality tequila is distillate liquor made from 100% blue Weber agave grown only in the Mexican town of Tequila and surrounding Jalisco region.  If its not 100% agave, it’s a mixto, probably made up of a mixture of agave and sugar cane alcohol or other lesser quality liquors. So if you are  interested in a clean, smooth sipping tequila, order 100% pure agave tequila and nixto the mixto! 

Destino has an extensive menu of  100% pure agave tequilas and our casa margarita and specialty margaritas are always made with pure agave tequilas.

Try a glass of good tequila tonight, served with a delicious sangrita chaser.  Look for our tequila quiz in your check presenter and enter to win great Destino prizes!

Photo: Deirdre Malfatto