Destino Announces Tequila Week!

Did you ever wonder what you and Tequila have in common?  You are both so hot right now!

There's a lot more to tequila than you might know.  For example, high quality, pure agave tequila is meant to be sipped and savored, not shot.  So forget the old lime and salt lick to erase the burn.  There's nothing but pleasure on Destino's extensive menu of 100% pure agave tequilas!

At Destino this week, our goal for #destinotequilaweek is simple:  to introduce you to the flavorful and fascinating world of tequila through your mind and your palette.  Join our tequila academy by following us on social media, check our website blog or your email inbox, if you are lucky enough to be among our direct mail recipients.  Or ask your Destino server, aka tequila professor. Come in and order a glass like a true affecionado! 

We will be posting fascinating tequila curricula every day this week.  In our restaurant, we will be offering tequila flights all week long at a special price.  You can choose your own tequilas or follow our recommendations.  Then take our tequila quiz to earn bragging rights and be entered into a raffle for great Destino prizes.

Salud!   Instagram/Twitter @destinochatham

Photo by: Deirdre Malfatto