PUEBLA and the CINCO DAYS OF CINCO...(plus a sneak peak at our special menu)


...Or is it seis days of cinco? Because starting today, Thursday, until next Tuesday, we will be offering a very special menu inspired by our Chef Moises' hometown recipes from Puebla, Mexico. What does Puebla have to do with Cinco have to do with slamming tequilas and rocking sombreros? Well, funny you should ask: Cinco is not Mexican independence day, it's actually called "El Día de la Batalla de Puebla"  - it commemorates the day the Mexican army won a revolutionary battle against the French army in ... you guessed it, Puebla, on May 5, 1862.  Actually, only in the state of Puebla do they celebrate cinco de mayo as hard as we do here.  So, YAY for Puebla: birthplace of our Chef Moises, culinary capital of Mexico, and site of an epic defeat of the French army - without Puebla, we'd have to celebrate cinco de mayo with snails and frog's legs.


Here's our menu sneak peak - although we said cinco days of cinco at destino, we're gonna up the ante with seis días locos! Starting tonight..

cinco menu


What's the raffle all about ? Winning free prizes! During all our seis dias of cinco days of cinco, you can enter into the raffle -

Top Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to Destino

Second Prize: Destino T-Shirt

Third Prize: Free Casa Margarita


To enter,  just fill out a comment card and drop in it the raffle box on your way out - we'll do the drawing on Wednesday, May 6th and post the winners to this blog (we will email you as well)

Saturday May 2nd - Live Latin Music with Trio Candela! Begins around 7pm! 

More information about the band here https://www.facebook.com/triocandela 
or on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/destinorestaurant