Super Saturday Specials!

Hola Amigos!

The sun is shining! The birds are singing! The margaritas are shaking! Well, I guess technically they are being shaken, but you get the point. 

Here at Destino we are enjoying all of the beautiful things that spring has to offer with some fantastic specials. We have a quesadilla poblano as an appetizer and a variety of entree specials including pescado yucateco (a light and refreshing flounder dish), baja shrimp tacos (a little spicy and a lot of flavor), and a personal favorite, pollo relleno (chicken stuffed with chorizo, mushroom and spinach and topped with yummy mango chipotle sauce). 

Azure is making some fresh drink specials to accompany these specials, including a fresh pineapple margarita, an infused cherry vodka lemonade and a classic black and tan. 

Come on down and see what makes the birds sing and the sun shine. You thought it was just the change of season, but you were wrong! :)