What??? What is better than starting the weekend off at Destino??? I can't think of anything...Friday nights were made for eating out, sharing a drink with loved ones, and cuddling at home later on...Nothing makes the stomach happier than the specials that we have tonight. 

The ever-so popular Baja Shrimp Tacos are featured in tonight's menu; containing DosXX battered shrimp, guacamole, mexican cole slaw, and chipotle mayo. The cooks are also making the Pescado Yucateco; two flounder filets, lightly breaded and pan seared along with steamed in a banana leaf with rice and our salsa ranchera, plated with a side salad as well as rice and beans. Lastly, we have our Pollo Relleno; breaded chicken breast; stuffed with oaxaca cheese, mushrooms, spinach, and chorizo, as well as plated with a mango-chipotle sauce, coming with a side of rice and beans...

The spectacular drinks that our lovely bartender is making include a Fresh Pineapple margarita, a Raspberry Caiperinha, and a Lemon Drop martini.

Don't miss out.

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