Es un merry martes aqui!

You wanna know why? Because the weather is beautiful, the food is excellent and the drinks are spectacular!

Tuesday is tapas and tacos day, so that means we have house-made hand-made corn tortilla tacos with veggies, chicken, steak, pork or fish toppings. 

We also have some excellent small plates, including mexican chicken fingers, papas con chorizo, croquetas de pescado, chicken empanada, destino blooming onion, portabello mushroom dumplings and clams in a tequila tomatillo sauce. 

Partner these with a cold can of Tecate, a bottle of Grolsch or one of our great margarita specials (mmm...pomegranate blueberry marg!) and you are in for a great night!

Hasta Luego Amigos!