On a rainy Monday Destino has delicious food that is sure to turn your frown around!

After a streak of beautiful weather the clouds of loomed low enough to burst.  But fear not our faithful Destino compadres we have some absolutely delightful specials that will be sure to turn even the frown-iest of frown upside down!

•Camarones Empanizados• an order of 5 breaded, butterflied jumbo shrimp served with mango pico de gallo & a chipotle dipping sauce

•Local Pork Burrito• a jumbo flour tortilla stuffed with local pork, cheese, rice, beans, lettuce, mexican cloeslaw & guacamole topped with salsa roja & cheese, served with a side salad

*Ruby Red Cosmo*

*Coconut Margarita*

We hope to see you soon! 

Call ahead for reservations & take-out 392.6663