Buckle up for a meal you won't forget!

On a beautiful day like today you want to spend it enjoying a meal you won't soon forget.  Grab a friend or two and head over to Destino; you won't be disappointed!

❀Camarones Empanizados- breaded, butterflied jumbo shrimp with mango pico de gallo & chipotle sauce

❀Paella de Mariscos- saffron rice with chorizo, clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari, carrots & roasted red pepper, topped with cilantro, onions & lemon wedges (a dish for two)

❀Local Pork Burrito- filled with local pork, cheese, rice, beans, mexican coleslaw, guacamole & lettuce topped with salsa roja & cheese served with a side salad


❀Frozen Coconut-Strawberry Margarita

❀Peach Iced Tea

Call ahead for take-out & reservations 392.6663

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