T-U-E-S-D-A-Y spells Tapas and Tacos!

Don't believe me? 

Well come on down to Destino and I'll show you I'm right! 

Our tapas tonight are mexican chicken fingers (yum!), papa rellenas (like a meatball, but with potato...perfect!), sopa de cebolla (French people aren't the only ones who make soup with onions!), seafood croquetas (think crab cakes but way better), and pupusa de chicharrones (fried pork and cheese--need I say more?). 

If that doesn't peak your interest, try a fresh tortilla taco with veggies or chicken or steak or pork or fish--oh my! 

For those that are fond of grown up beverages, Katie is making some great ones! We have an orange mango margarita, a prickly pear cosmo, a black and tan, $2.22 cans of Tecate and $4 bottles of Grolsch!

Hasta Luego Amigos :)