Here comes the sUn?

Regardless if it lasts or not, the sun is finally showing its face! This weather may not be perfect, it is better than it has been. Time to crack the windows and get out of the winter funk. Come visit the fresh faces at Destino and share laughs with familiar smiles. 

The more than lovely Katie is making some delightful drinks tonight including the oh so popular; jalapeno blood-orange margarita, a blueberry-pomegranate margarita, and an orange-mango margarita! 


~As an appetizer tonight we have the Burrito Ranchero Frito, stuffed flour tortilla with cheese, pinto beans, rice, portobello mushrooms, spinach, corn, and mexican cole slaw. Then lightly fried and plated with our roasted poblano sauce. ~

~Our additional dinners tonight include Grilled Swordfish, being plated with a white rice vegetable medley, as well as a saffron cream sauce, and toped with mango pico de gallo.

Lastly, the Traditional Chile Relleno includes a lightly battered and pan seared poblano pepper, stuffed with chicken, apples, plantains, raisins, tomatoes, onions, and garlic. While plated with salsa roja and crema. This entree comes with a side of rice and beans as well. ~  


Call ahead for takeout orders or reservations, 392.6663.  See you this weekend.