I know the couch is comfortable, but it is here too!

Although, we'd all rather stay in bed on this gloomy day, snuggling with loved ones; whether they are pets or people, the crew at Destino would love to spend some time with you too. 

One of our favorites is shaking up a couple of popular drinks tonight including a blueberry infused margarita, made with our house infused tequila, as well as the jalapeno blood-orange margarita. Lastly, the robust black and tan with Brooklyn Lager and Guiness is being offered. 

The heated specials tonight include; the papas bravas as an appetizer (diced, roasted potatoes with a cajun seasoning,) eggplant a la mexicana (our spin on eggplant parmesan with the substitute of salsa ranchera,) and lastly, bolitas de pollo (shredded chicken, cheese,  and various vegetables, rolled together and breaded.)

The perfect end to your stay here, should be on the right note with one of our fabulous, traditional, mexican desserts paired with a carefully made cappuccino, or a hot spiced tea. One of these options are bound to meet the comforts of your home. 

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