Knock knock....

Who's there?


Destino who?

(Insert witty response here. I couldn't think of one. But I did get your attention!)

Now that you're listening, let me tell you about our fab Tapas and Tacos specials! We have our fan favorite mexican chicken fingers, caliente papas bravas (that means spicy gringos!), rollitos de verduras (think fresh veggies and chipotle mayo wrapped in a flour tortilla), aubergines a la Mexicana (I'm tired of telling you the answers! Look it up!), and bolitos de pollo (chicken, cheese and veggie goodness in bite-size form). Let's not forget our house-made hand made corn masa tortillas with your choice of veggie, fish, pork, chicken, or steak fillings. 

Still listening? There will be a quiz at the end of this! 

We also have some exceptional drink specials, including a mango jalepeno margarita, a fresh cucumber mint vodka spritzer and affordable beer options.  

Come on down and take our quiz on tonight's specials. I'll give you a gold star if you get all the answers right!