Uhm, it's the first day of Spring?

Although it doesn't look like it out there, it feels like it in here. The atmosphere is as warm as ever. Between our refreshing drink specials being served, and the entrees being prepared in the kitchen, you'll feel lively once again.

Our lovely bartender is shaking up a fresh cucumber and mint margarita, as well as the popular jalapeno-blood orange juice margarita, along with the peach margarita; made with our house infused peach tequila.

The perfect pair for these drinks include your choices of Pollo Pozole, which is a slow cooked chicken stew with hominy and fresh herbs, also, a Fresh Flounder Filet, plated with a chipotle-roasted red pepper sauce.  Last, but no least, we're offering the traditional Cochinita Pibil, local pork slow cooked in orange juice and achiote, served with pickled onions, plantains, and corn tortillas.

Call ahead for reservations or takeout orders @ 392.6663.  See you soon! 

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