FRiDaY ThE 13TH!

This superstitious day have you down and out with strange occurrences? Come into Destino, our great specials and friendly faces are sure to turn that mood around. Tonight we are featuring the glorious seafood dumplings, including lobster, shrimp, and chipotle goat cheese! Easily paired with the grapefruit margarita, that the lovely Katie is mixing up. Also, tonight we have the chef's Pollo Relleno; breaded chicken breast, stuffed with chorizo, mushrooms, spinach, and oaxaca cheese. As well as plated with a mango-chipotle sauce. Although, if this weather has you feeling something lighter, we have grilled shrimp and scallops as an entree, including; mixed vegetables, and being plated with a lemon-white wine sauce, topped with capers. This dish is easily compatible with the beet martini, made with been infused vodka, fresh lime, and agave nectar. Beautifully coupled, earthy ingredients to start spring and the weekend off!

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