Our Sensational Saturday Specials!

We have some good ones for you tonight! Start your meal off right with a fresh, fruity Pineapple Margarita made with Espolon blanco! If pineapple isn't your thing, we are also offering a Raspberry Mint Margarita made with Cazadores. Love dessert but never have room to indulge after your meal? Satiate that sweet tooth with a Chocolate Martini made with Belvedere!

For dinner, choose from these delicious specials:

Pozole Verde - The perfect comfort food for a chilly night! Stewed chicken, tomatillos, poblanos, spinach, cilantro, green beans and pepitas. Available as a cup - or a cazuela with a tostada topped with pinto beans, queso fresco and oregano.

Carnitas Micho Canas - A twist on a Destino favorite! Roasted pork, corn, pico de gallo and poblanos served with scallions and grilled jalapenos, corn tortillas and pinto beans on the side.

Pescado Yucateco - Sole, rice and salsa ranchera wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed to perfection, then topped with mango slaw and served with pinto beans and a side salad.

Don't miss out on these amazing dishes and drinks! See you soon!

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