Tonight is the night to come by, if you haven't visited us in the new year! We are whipping up some awesome new specials tonight. Our lovely bartenders are putting the fresh spin on a pineapple margarita, which is perfectly paired with the entree; Pescado Yukateco. This dish includes Sole-fish steamed in a banana leaf along with our salsa ranchera and rice, creating the exact flavor blend to drive your taste buds wild. Other fabulous drinks being shaken up, are a fresh orange whiskey sour, as well as a mixed berry infused margarita! If seafood doesn't fit the mood you're in tonight, our other entree featured is Carnitas Michocanas. Originating directly from Mexico, this meal is served with local roasted pork, as well as grilled corn and poblano peppers, plated with homemade pico de gallo, corn tortilllas, and pinto beans...Come get funky with the Destino crew!

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